5-Hour Training Course for Adult Care Homes

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services developed standardized training courses to assist qualified instructors to train unlicensed staff who will administer medications to residents in Adult Care Homes.

The 5-hour training course is built around the current Medication Administration Clinical Skills checklist required for medication staff in adult care homes. The majority of the 5-hour course schedule centers around time spent for instruction and validation of skills required for medication administration. The design of the course is for a small class of employees or 1:1 training for a specific facility. The 5-hour training course includes an instructor manual, materials to duplicate for a student manual and a certificate template required for participants who successfully complete the course.

Introduction Material Course Material
Section 5: Medication Administration Skills Checklists Section 6: Handouts (PDF, 65 KB)
Section 7: Activities (PDF, 55 KB) Appendix (PDF, 53 KB)

Zip files containing all of the documents for sections five, six and seven