Continuing Education Course Information

Continuing Education Course/Program Review and Approval Guidelines

  1. Topics and course content should be relevant to adult care home operation and management to include such areas as resident care skills, the needs of older and disabled adults, rules and regulations, management and supervisory skills, and issues impacting adult care.
  2. Applications to provide continuing education (CE) courses/programs should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of scheduled presentation date to allow for processing of the application and notification of the applicant. If a course is not approved, please make appropriate changes and resubmit the request for approval as soon as possible. A course should not be presented until it has been approved by the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR).
  3. Courses should be at least one clock hour of direct instruction or learning activity with no more than eight classroom hours in any one day or a 24-hour period. Continuing education hours awarded cannot exceed the amount of clock hours of direct instruction or learning activity. Example: A CE program scheduled from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. with two 15-minute breaks would qualify for 1.5 CE credits.
  4. Instructors of courses should be distinguished by education and/or experience in the area in which they teach. Resumes must be submitted on all instructors who are not employed as faculty members of accredited community colleges or universities.
  5. Please submit for approval any proposed changes in the content, hours or instructors of the approved course.
  6. DHSR does not keep or maintain a record of participant names. Please do not send these lists to DHSR. Certificates of completion must be given to participants and it is the responsibility of the facility to maintain copies of certificates in the personnel files for state and county monitoring purposes.
  7. The documents that should accompany all course approval requests are as follows:
    1. application
    2. learning objectives
    3. content outline with time schedule
    4. list of media aids
    5. instructor resume
    6. sample CE completion certificate
  8. Courses offered without an instructor on site, such as video presentations and teleconferences, and self-study programs may be approved depending on content, sponsorship and materials provided to participants which must include participant workbooks or guides. In addition, self-study programs must include a contact number for questions and a post-test to be returned signed and completed to the sponsor or developer of the course who will then send signed certificates of completion to the participants or the facility. These materials must be forwarded to DHSR with the continuing education application for approval. The CE certificates provided to those completing these types of courses must be signed by the program sponsor or representative upon verification of completion and, in the case of on-site courses without instructors, by the person on site as well, with position title, verifying participation.
  9. Please notify DHSR if courses/programs are no longer to be offered.
  10. It is the responsibility of the course sponsor to provide notice of or advertise course offerings.

Continuing Education Courses Automatically Approved

  1. American Red Cross or Heart Association First Aid and CPR
  2. Courses sponsored by Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
  3. Courses sponsored by community colleges and universities (pertaining to health/personal care issues or business management
  4. Courses offered for the 20, 40, and 75 hours of required personal care training
  5. Courses sponsored by the N.C. Board of Nursing
  6. Courses approved by the N.C. Board of Pharmacy or the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education
  7. Courses sponsored by state and county governmental agencies (pertaining to health/personal care issues or business management)
  8. Courses sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association
  9. Courses sponsored by North Carolina Assisted Living Association
  10. Courses sponsored by North Carolina Senior Living Association

Prorating of Continuing Education Hours

Continuing education hours can be prorated for the first calendar year of service, depending on when the employee began service as follows:

 Supervisor/Administrator in Charge/Special Care Unit Staff Medication Staff FCH Administrator
Jan 1 – March 31 12 6 15
April 1 – June 30 6 4 10
July 1 – Sept. 30 4 2 6
Oct 1 – Dec. 31 0 0 0

For newly certified administrators, the letter of certification indicates prorated CE hours to be obtained by the end of the year.