Education Department

The education office of the Center for Aide Regulation and Education (CARE) approves state training and testing programs. The programs include Nurse Aide I, Medication Aide, Geriatric Aide, and Home Care Aide. In general, programs must meet state and federal requirements for nursing homes. Those who pass an approved course and/or test are listed on the appropriate state registry (also managed by CARE). Nursing homes and other health care employers check the registries before hiring workers. Note: CARE manages testing for nursing home medication aides only. Their training is regulated by the N.C. Board of Nursing. Medication aides working in adult care homes must meet the requirements set by the N.C. Division of Health Service Regulation's Adult Care Licensure Section. CARE also issues a state-approved feeding assistant curriculum and other training materials.


To apply for new Nurse Aide I state-approval.

For existing Nurse Aide I state-approved programs only.