Home Health Curriculum


Table of Contents

Module 1
History of Home Care

Module 2
Legal and Ethical Issues

Module 3
Personal Safety

Module 4
Person-centered Care

Module 5

Module 6
Age-appropriate Care

Module 7
Infection Control and Prevention in the Home

Module 8
Providing Care for the Patient Environment
Module 9
Time Management
Module 10
Relationships with Patients and/or Family
Module 11
Module 12
Emergency Preparedness
Module 13
Patient Safety
Module 14
Module 15
Common Diseases Seen in Home Care
Module 16
Restorative Care
Module 17
Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Types of Dementia
Module 18
Pain Management
Module 19
Mental Health
Module 20
Understanding Challenging Behaviors
Module 21
Palliative Care
Module 22
End of Life Care
Module 23
Stress Management for Home Care Aides
Module 24
The Role of the Home Care Aide in Medication Administration
Module 25
The Nurse Aide and Health Care Personnel Registries