Adult Care Home Special Care Unit Approval Process

The following resources will help you to either start a facility with a special care unit (SCU) or to change existing beds or a facility into a SCU.

Certificate of Need (CON) Approval

An adult care home cannot obtain a license with a special care unit designation without first obtaining CON approval if there will be an increase in the facility's licensed bed capacity.

To request an increase in capacity, the licensee or designee should contact the CON Section of the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) at 919-855-3873.

The CON section will determine if the proposed increase in capacity is subject to CON review and approval and require a CON application if applicable.

Submission of Plans and Fees

If CON approval is granted or if there will be no increase in bed capacity for the special care unit, plans for new or renovated construction or conversion of existing building areas for the special care unit should be submitted by the licensee or designee, along with documentation of CON approval if applicable, to the Construction Section of DHSR according to rule 10A NCAC 13F .0304 (PDF, 11 KB).

Fees for review of construction projects should be submitted to the Construction section with plans for new or renovated construction. The fee is $87.00 + $.05 per square foot of project space.

The Construction section will notify the licensee or designee when building plans are approved so that construction may begin.

The contact number for the Construction section is 919-855-3893.

Disclosure Statement

Facilities that advertise, market or otherwise promote themselves as having special care units shall meet the requirements in 10A NCAC 13F .1300 (PDF, 11 KB), depending on the type of unit, including submission of disclosure information, according to G.S. 131D-8 (PDF, 13 KB) and rules 10A NCAC 13F .1302 (PDF, 11 KB), to the Adult Care Licensure section of the Division of Health Service Regulation.

The Adult Care Licensure section will notify the licensee or designee when the disclosure information has been approved. Approval of the disclosure information is required before a license designating special care unit status can be issued and residents admitted to the unit.

You may obtain the format of the special care unit disclosure statement.

To submit a special care unit disclosure for review, contact Doug Barrick at 919-855-3778.

SCU Moratorium Exception Process

For the period beginning July 31, 2013 and ending July 1 2017, the Division of Health Service Regulation shall not issue any licenses for special care units as defined in G.S. 131D-4.6. The information in the link below outlines the process for submitting an exception for a SCU license.

Issuance of License

Once the Construction section has made on-site visits as necessary and given its approval of the completed project, a DHSR consultant and adult home specialist of the county department of social services will arrange for a joint visit to the facility to survey for compliance with special care unit rules. Once compliance is verified, a license with special care unit designation will be issued to the facility.