Steps For A Change of Ownership For Adult Care Homes With Seven or More Beds

Please read and follow these steps to complete a change of ownership successfully. Download a Change Licensure Application Packet (PDF, 144 KB).

  1. The applicant or prospective licensee must contact the Certificate of Need with the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR):
    1. To obtain a letter of exemption from review from the Certificate of Need (CON) prior to the obligation to purchase the building (when the applicant or prospective licensee plans to purchase the building). Or
    2. Notifying CON of the intent to change licensee (when licensee is changing but ownership of building is not).
  2. The current licensee informs the Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS), Raleigh office, the county department of social services and the residents or their responsible persons in writing of the proposed change of business ownership and the date of the change. This contact should be made at least 30 days in advance of the proposed change.
  3. The Construction Section of the DHSR must approve any proposed structural changes of building before a license can be approved. (See page 4 for review form)
  4. Unpaid fines for penalties imposed will result in denial of licensure. License applications will not be processed if there are any outstanding/unpaid fines for penalties.
  5. The applicant/prospective licensee compile the following information and submit it to the Adult Care Licensure Section, Raleigh office.
    1. Adult Care Home Licensure Change Application (PDF, 144 KB) to facilitate compliance history check.
    2. Submit payment for the non-refundable licensure fee $360.00 plus a per-bed fee of $17.50 by check, money order or certified check and made payable to the "N.C. Division of Health Service Regulation."
    3. Administrator Certificate/License
    4. Approved fire and building safety inspection reports
    5. Approved sanitation inspection report
    6. Upon completion of any construction or renovation, a certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance from local building officials
    7. Letter from previous owner relinquishing ownership (this letter must specify the date of the change in ownership)
    8. Copy of CON letter (Licensure applications cannot be processed without approval or exemption by CON)
    9. Note: A compliance history will be conducted on the prospective licensee. Based on the results of this compliance additional information may be requested.
    10. Any information not included in the packet will render the application incomplete and it will not be processed.
  6. Upon receipt of the above information or packet, the Adult Care Licensure Section will review and contact the prospective licensee for additional information if needed. If all documentation is complete and approved, the Adult Care Licensure Section will issue a new license to the applicant.

Mailing address of Raleigh Adult Care Licensure Section:

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Division of Health Service Regulation   Division of Health Service Regulation
Adult Care Licensure Section   Adult Care Licensure Section
2720 Mail Service Center   801 Biggs Drive
Raleigh NC 27699-2720   Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Attn: License Materials Enclosed   Attn: License Materials Enclosed

Adult Care Licensure Section (Raleigh Office) : 919-855-3765