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The Mental Health Licensure and Certification Section of the Division of Health Service Regulation is responsible for licensing and regulating facilities that provide services for individuals with mental illness, substance use issues and intellectual/developmental disabilities. The section is divided into two branches:

The ICF/IID branch is responsible for surveying intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The ICF/IID teams certify that ICF/IID programs meet federal standards required for participation in Medicaid. The Mental Health Licensure branch is responsible for licensing and surveying residential and day programs for minors and adults with substance use disorders, mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities to ensure they are in compliance with state regulations.

About This Resource

Mental Health Licensure and Certification Section compliance reports are public records and have always been available upon request. For your convenience, all statements of deficiencies and plans of corrections resulting from our surveys are posted on this site, beginning with site visits conducted on and after April 1, 2018. On April 16, 2018, the first records were posted. Until the site is populated with a number of reports, it will be most convenient for you to find individual reports listed alphabetically by county. If the facilities you are interested in do not have survey results posted here please call our office for this information. We look forward to having all our facilities' current statements of deficiencies available for your review.

Public Records of Licensed Facilities

What Type of Information is Available?

To enable consumers and their families to make informed choices about their mental health treatment, posted material includes statements of deficiencies and plans of correction. The Statement of Deficiency is the report that results from an on-site visit and assessment of the licensed mental health providers' compliance with the licensing regulations for mental health providers as outlined in North Carolina G.S. 122C. For ICF/IID programs, the Statement of Deficiencies reflect the facility's compliance with federal regulations. The plan of correction is submitted by licensed mental health providers and state developmental centers in response to the deficiencies cited in the Statement of Deficiencies and outlines the measures taken to correct the identified deficiencies.

What Type of Surveys are Conducted and Documented?

The primary focus of the Mental Health Survey Process is to determine compliance with North Carolina General Statute 122C and the North Carolina Administrative Code (mental health licensure rules) and federal regulations for our ICF/IID facilities. The survey process is client oriented and focuses on determining if treatment needs are being met in a safe and healthy environment. The principal focus of a Mental Health Licensure & Certification survey is client outcomes.

The Construction Section also performs biennial on site surveys of 24 hour mental health facilities and those statements of deficiency are posted here as well.

There are three survey types.

How to Use This Information

The Statement of Deficiencies can be used as a tool to assist consumers in making informed decisions regarding securing effective mental health care for themselves or a loved one. This information outlines the results of facility inspections by DHSR. However, when looking for a mental health provider, consumers and their families should also seek out first-hand information to find treatment that meets the individual needs of the consumer. Further assistance, information is available here.