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The Center for Spiritual Emergence & Katharos Sanctuary

Facility Address

370 North Louisiana Avenue, Suite D3 & D4
Buncombe County

Mailing Address

370 N. Louisiana Ave., Ste. D3


Contact Information

In Care of: Brack Jefferys
Phone:     (828) 412-3688

Program codeServicesAgeFacility TypeDisability Category
27G.1100 Partial Hospitalization for Individuals who are acutely Mentally Ill Day MI
27G.3600 Outpatient Opioid Treatment Day SAS
27G.3700 Day Treatment Facilities for Individuals with Substance Abuse Disorders Day SAS
27G.4400 Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) Day SAS
27G.5400 Day Activity for Individuals of all Disability Groups Day MD
Inspection TypeDocument TypeInspection DatePages
MHLCS Annual and Follow-up Plan of Correction 10/3/2019 19
MHLCS Annual and Follow-up Statement of Deficiency 10/3/2019 18
MHLCS Complaint Plan of Correction 9/5/2018 2
MHLCS Complaint Statement of Deficiency 9/5/2018 2
MHLCS Annual and Complaint Plan of Correction 7/18/2018 12
MHLCS Annual and Complaint Statement of Deficiency 7/18/2018 12