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Lyons Angels

Facility Address

804 Aurelian Springs Road
Roanoke Rapids
Halifax County

Mailing Address

Roanoke Rapids


Contact Information

In Care of: Sharon Lyons
Phone:     (252)536-0264

Program codeServicesAgeFacility TypeDisability Category
27G.5600F Supervised Living: Alternative Family Living in a Private Residence RESIDENTL MI
Inspection TypeDocument TypeInspection DatePages
MHLCS Annual Statement of Deficiency 7/18/2023 3
MHLCS Annual and Follow-up Statement of Deficiency 2/12/2020 1
MHLCS Annual and Complaint Plan of Correction 3/4/2019 5
MHLCS Annual and Complaint Statement of Deficiency 3/4/2019 3
MHLCS Complaint Statement of Deficiency 7/5/2018 1
MHLCS Annual Statement of Deficiency 4/11/2018 1