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Virpark Inc. Residential Facility

Facility Address

619 Creekridge Road
Guilford County

Mailing Address

Pleasant Garden


Contact Information

In Care of: Virginia Parker
Phone:     (336)271-4002

Program codeServicesAgeFacility TypeDisability Category
27G.5100 Community Respite Services for Individuals of all Disability Groups (Reside RESIDENTL MD
27G.5600C Supervised Living for Adults with Developmental Disabilities RESIDENTL IID
Inspection TypeDocument TypeInspection DatePages
MHLCS Annual Statement of Deficiency 3/1/2022 1
MHLCS Annual and Complaint Statement of Deficiency 3/13/2020 1
MHLCS Complaint Statement of Deficiency 6/24/2019 1
MHLCS Annual Statement of Deficiency 5/7/2019 1
MHLCS Annual and Follow-up Statement of Deficieny 6/20/2018 1