Training Information

This page provides links to training material given to nursing home providers and surveyors.

Minimum Data Set (MDS) Training

The purpose of this training is to offer providers clear guidance about how to use the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) correctly and effectively to help provide appropriate care. The RAI consists of three basic components: The Minimum Data Set (MDS) Version 3.0, the Care Area Assessment (CAA) process and the RAI utilization guidelines.

The RAI helps nursing home staff look at residents holistically—as individuals for whom quality of life and quality of care are mutually significant and necessary. Interdisciplinary use of the RAI promotes this emphasis on quality of care and quality of life.

In 2020, one-day training sessions for coding the MDS are offered each quarter in Raleigh. We are also offering classes in Greenville and Black Mountain. There is no charge to the providers, and we encourage all disciplines participating in completing any section of the MDS to attend.

Please Note: Registration is now conducted on-line only. Paper, email and telephone registration will not be accepted. You must register via the links below. Click on the training workshop, date and location of your choice to register.

Due to seating limitations, facilities are encouraged to only send two participants per quarter. If you wish to send more than two participants, the workshops will be opened for additional registrations two days prior to the workshop, if space is available.

Raleigh Training Dates Black Mountain Training Dates Greenville Training Dates
3/18/2020 3/24/2020 3/17/2020
4/22/2020 3/25/2020 9/24/2020
4/23/2020 3/26/2020  
9/22/2020 9/16/2020  
10/7/2020 9/17/2020  

Each participant must print and bring the following to the MDS workshop. (Hard copies are not available at the workshop.) Be sure to bring your RAI Manual.

Quality Improvement Organization

Alliant GMCF is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) designated Quality Improvement Organization for North Carolina. Alliant GMCF works with nursing home leadership and staff to focus on resident-centered care to improve the quality of care by making it safer and more cost effective. Alliant GMCF also provides education and training sessions, tools and resources for effective interventions.

Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation, Exploitation

Training on how the current abuse, neglect and exploitation tags are surveyed. Explanation of the intent of the Interpretative Guidelines and how they are used. Review of the common misconceptions about these regulations. The participant will be able to assure that their process within their facility is accurate, up to date and utilized correctly.

Emergency Preparedness

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Survey & Certification Group (SCG) developed the Emergency Preparedness Basic Surveyor Training Course to help health and safety and Life Safety Code (LSC) surveyors and reviewers gain proficiency in surveying all affected participating providers and certified suppliers for compliance with their individual emergency preparedness requirements.

Long Term Care Survey Process:

The LTCSP is the federal long-term care survey process effective November 28, 2017. The LTCSP is a resident centered, outcome-oriented inspection that relies on a case mix stratified sample of residents to gather information about skilled nursing facility and nursing facility compliance with participation requirements. The LTCSP uses customized software on tablet personal computers (PCs) to guide surveyors through offsite preparation and onsite interviews, observations, and limited record review; facility task review; and investigation of identified areas of concern.