State Health Planning Process

Throughout the development of the North Carolina State Medical Facilities Plan there are opportunities for public review and comment. A public hearing is held in the winter to receive comments and petitions for changes in basic policies and methodologies for projecting need. Sections of the plan, including the policies and methods for projecting need, are developed with the assistance of committees of the North Carolina State Health Coordinating Council. The committees submit their recommendations to the council for approval. A proposed plan is assembled and made available to the public. Public hearings on the proposed plan are held throughout the state in early summer. Comments and petitions received during this public hearing period are considered by the council and, upon incorporation of all changes approved by the council, a recommended proposed plan is presented to the governor for his or her review and approval. With the governor's approval, the State Medical Facilities Plan becomes the official document for health facility and health service planning in North Carolina for the specified calendar year.