Star RatingStar Rating Scale

The Star Rated Certificate program is based on a point scale and ranges from zero to four stars. The scale used to determine a facility's star rating is as follows:

4 Stars(4 stars) = 100 or greater points on two consecutive annual surveys

3 Stars (3 stars) = 90.0-99.9 points, *or for any facility whose score is 100 points or greater on one annual inspection

2 Stars (2 stars) = 80.0-89.9 points

1 Star (1 star) = 70.0-79.9 points

(ZERO STAR) (0 stars) = 69.9 points or lower

* It is important to note that a facility must obtain two consecutive 100 point or greater annual surveys in order to earn a four star rating. So always remember to be sure to look at the numeric score on the rated certificate.