Adult Care Home and Family Care Home Rules

Pursuant to GS 150B-21.3A, Periodic Review and Expiration of Existing Rules, all rules are reviewed at least every 10 years, or they shall expire. As a result of the periodic review of Subchapters 10A NCAC 13F, Licensing of Adult Care Homes of Seven or More Beds, and 10A NCAC 13G, Licensing of Family Care Homes, 4 proposed readoption rules were part of the 97 total rules determined as "Necessary With Substantive Public Interest," requiring readoption. With input from stakeholders, substantive changes are proposed to three rules for readoption, one rule is proposed without substantive changes for readoption, and one rule is proposed for amendment for the regulation of licensed Adult Care Homes and Family Care Homes in N.C. An additional intent of the proposed rules is to make the rules of these two types of assisted living residences comparable, if not the same, for regulatory efficiency since they both house the same type of residents as permitted by law.

These proposed rules update and clarify the qualifications by statutory reference of adult care home and family care home staff who pass medications that include medication aides and their direct supervisors, and by the deletion of unnecessary requirements. The rules update the qualifications of the family care home Supervisor-In-Charge by the deletion of unnecessary requirements and the addition of a minimum age requirement. The proposed rules clarify the procedure for the adult care home and family care home Tuberculosis test and update the method for accessing referenced rules in those rules.