Frequently Asked Questions

Education FAQs

The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services education unit is responsible for the development and oversight of North Carolina EMS education criteria related to all EMS courses, EMS education guidelines, EMS educational institutions, credentialed EMS instructors and state credentialing examinations. The EMS education unit works with various EMS shareholders and stakeholders to ensure the educational needs of the EMS community are being addressed.

Renewing Credential (not expired)

1. My credential will be expiring soon and I need to know how to renew.

2. How many hours do I need to renew my credential?

3. What type of continuing education will you accept?

4. What topics do I need to cover for my continuing education?

5. Are there refresher or continuing education classes I can take so my credential won't expire?

6. I've been all over your website and cannot figure out how to recertify my credential. What is required?

7. How do I submit applications or other documents to NCOEMS?

8. How do I apply for early renewal?

9. While I am deployed, my credential will expire, can I renew my credential early?

10. I am deploying outside of the United States due to contracted services (not military) and need my EMS credential. How do I have it renewed?

11. I am in the military. Can I get an extension on my credential?

12. What is the difference between continuing education and refresher classes?

Expired Credential

1. My credential expired last month and I want to get it back. What do I have to do?

2. My Credential expired two years ago and I want to get it back? What do I have to do?

3. I am back from military deployment, how do I renew my expired credential?

State Exam

1. How old do I have to be to take the state exam?

2. How long do I have to take the state exam?

3. What type of accommodations can be provided when taking the state exam?

4. What do I need to bring with me when I take the state exam?

5. I signed up for a state exam but cannot go that day. How can I get out of that one and sign up for another one?

6. If I complete a NCEMS course but am an out-of-state resident, would I still be able to take the state exam?

7. I am in the military (or a nurse) and have training that is equivalent to an EMS credential, can I challenge the state exam?

8. I have difficulty testing and/or test anxiety, how do I get special accommodations during the state examination?

9. Can you hand-grade my exam?

10. I took the state exam Saturday and failed, but it won’t let me sign up for another exam. What do I do?

11. How long will it take to get my results? My credential? Can I find my results online?

12. I was not able to register online. Can I just show up at the exam site?

13. Do I have to show my driver's license at the exam site, or can I use another picture ID?

14. I got married/divorced and my last name is different on my driver’s license than Continuum. Will that matter at the exam site?

Instructor Workshops

1. How do I sign up for an Instructor Workshop?

2. What do I need to become a Level 1/Level 2 instructor?

3. What do I need to take with me to the workshop?

4. How long is the instructor credential valid?

5. Do I have to attend a workshop every year?

6. Can I use my Fire Instructor I / II Methodology to obtain my EMS Instructor?

General Questions

1. I am currently a state licensed paramedic but want to take the Field Internship State Data Acquisition Project (FISDAP) transition course, is that allowed?


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