Facility Listings

Listed below are licensed facilities within North Carolina. The lists are updated monthly. The PDF files are in alphabetical order either by facility name or by county. The comma-delimited text files are not easy-to-read files. They are for download into spreadsheets or databases. Formatting information of the comma-delimited text files is available in the respective header file.

Academic Medical Centers PDF 9 KB    
Ambulatory Surgical listings PDF 69 KB TXT 48 KB TXT, 1 KB
Cardiac Rehabilitation listings PDF 33 KB TXT 14 KB TXT 1 KB
Critical Access Hospitals PDF 18 KB    
Designated Stroke Centers PDF 182 KB    
Home Care all PDF 445 KB TXT 422 KB TXT 3 KB
Home Care Facility with Hospice Services PDF 60 KB TXT 18 KB TXT 3 KB
Home Health Services all PDF 71 KB TXT 49 KB TXT 3 KB
Home Health Services with Hospice Services only PDF 28 KB TXT 13 KB TXT 3 KB
Hospice listings PDF 70 KB TXT 60 KB TXT 3 KB
Hospital listings PDF 127 KB TXT 26 KB TXT 3 KB
Hospital listing by county PDF 91 KB TXT 28 KB TXT 2 KB
Psychiatric Hospitals PDF 11 KB TXT 1 KB TXT 1 KB
Nursing Pool data   TXT 67 KB TXT 6 KB