N.C. Fee Schedule

CLIA fees are charged bi-annually. Fees for Certificate of Compliance and Certificate of Accreditation are determined based on the annual number of non-waived tests performed and the number of specialties. As of January 1th, 2019 all CLIA user fees have been increased by 20%; this will be reflected on fee coupons (bills) printed after January 8, 2019.

Notes on the CLIA Billing Process

Certificate fees for Certificate of Waiver or Provider-Performed Microscopy are billed 6 months prior to expiration of the current certificate.

A one-time registration certificate fee of $100.00 is charged for all initial applications for non-waived testing. The registration certificate allows a laboratory to test and bill until an initial inspection is completed by the state agency (if Certificate of Compliance) or accreditation program (if Certificate of Accreditation).

Certificate of Compliance laboratories are billed a certificate fee after the initial survey has been accepted by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The Certificate of Compliance replaces the Certificate of Registration and is good for two years. Compliance fees are billed 12 months prior to expiration of the current Certificate of Compliance and must be paid before the recertification survey can be performed. After the recertification survey has been accepted by CMS, the laboratory is billed for the renewal certificate.

Likewise, CMS bills accredited laboratories for a certificate and validation fee after the initial survey has been performed and accepted by the accreditation program. The Certificate of Accreditation replaces the Certificate of Registration and is valid for two years. Laboratories are sent a renewal bill 6 months prior to the expiration of the current Certificate of Accreditation.

CMS/CLIA Laboratory Program Lockbox Address

CLIA Laboratory Program, P.O. Box 3056 Portland, OR 97208-3056

For Overnight Courier Address: Send your payment using United States Postal Service’s Overnight Letter to the P.O. box.

Please note if sending payment to this P.O. Box without a fee coupon from CMS, you will need to put your CLIA number on the face of your check to ensure payment is posted to the correct place.

CMS CLIA fees can also be paid online via electronic check or credit/debit cards via www.pay.gov . Instructions for using the website can be found under the Forms link.