Facts and Figures

There are 9326 CLIA certified labs registered in N.C. (Last updated 04/18/2019).

The breakdown of certificate types is:

Certificate of Waiver is issued to a laboratory to perform only waived tests.

Certificate for Provider-Performed Microscopy Procedures (PPMP) is issued to a laboratory in which a physician, mid-level practitioner or dentist performs no tests other than the microscopy procedures. This certificate permits the laboratory to perform waived tests.

Certificate of Registration is issued to a laboratory that enables the entity to conduct non-waived testing until the laboratory is determined by survey to be in compliance with the CLIA regulations.

Certificate of Accreditation is issued to a laboratory on the basis of the laboratory's accreditation by an accreditation organization approved by CMS.

There are 28 types of laboratories. Listed below are some of the more commonly seen types of certified laboratories.