Nursing Home Rules

The N.C. Medical Care Commission is proposing to amend two rules and repeal one rule for the Rules for the Licensing of Nursing Homes in 10A NCAC 13D for ventilator assisted care to be consistent with the federal regulations for Nursing Homes for individuals with this type of care need.

There is an identified need for more ventilator assisted care units in nursing homes as currently, access to care for these residents is challenging with there being only three Nursing Homes in the State providing residents ventilator assisted care.  Incorporating the requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in the proposed rule amendments eliminates the differences in the standards between the State licensure rules and the CFR.  The requirements in the proposed rule amendments will be broadened to allow more access for ventilator assisted care service in Nursing Homes and the requirements will be up to date, relevant, and backed by research. 

The proposed rule amendments include definitions clarifying technical changes and the deletion of a definition due to its update and relocation to Rule 10A NCAC 13D .3003.  The rules revise the requirements for the administration of respiratory care including respiratory therapists’ scope of practice in accordance to statute.  Direct care nursing personnel staffing ratios have been relocated and incorporated into one rule.  The requirements for the qualifications and responsibilities of the pulmonary physician have been updated, relocated and incorporated into amended Rule 10A NCAC 13D .3003; therefore, Rule 10A NCAC 13D .2506 is being repealed as the requirements in the rule are redundant and no longer needed.