Certificate of Need Rules

Several subject matters are addressed in the State Medical Facilities Plan (SMFP). The operating room need methodology was changed in the 2018 SMFP. Revisions to existing Certificate of Need rules are required to compliment or be made consistent with the SMFP. The effective date of the 2018 SMFP is January 1, 2018. The specific subject area being addressed by these proposed rule changes are the criteria and standards for Surgical Services and Operating Rooms. The changes include deletion of the definition for the currently used term "related entity" and replacement with the definition for "health system." These terms are not the same and the new term has been added in the changed SMFP methodology. The definition for "surgical case" is being deleted since the term no longer applies in the changed SMFP methodology. Two definitions are being added, and one revised to provide clarity in SMFP terminology references. The methodology changes are reflected by reference to the SMFP in rule. One definition has been revised to correct inaccuracy in the rule. In addition, the definitions have been alphabetized.