Ambulatory Surgical Facility Rules

Pursuant to GS 150B-21.3A, Periodic Review and Expiration of Existing Rules, all rules are reviewed at least every 10 years, or they shall expire. As a result of the periodic review of Subchapter 10A NCAC 13C, Licensing of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, four proposed readoption rules were part of the nine rules that were determined as “Necessary With Substantive Public Interest,” requiring readoption.  Substantive changes are proposed to three rules for readoption, non-substantive changes are proposed to one rule for readoption, and two rules are proposed for amendment to update the process for the regulation of licensed Ambulatory Surgical Facilities in N.C. The proposed rules clarify the provision of anesthesia services and nursing personnel staffing levels in the facility, clarify and make consistent construction plan submission requirements including a time limit expiration on construction approvals in accordance with industry standard, and amend outdated statutory and rule citations referenced in rule. In addition, the proposed rules have been updated through technical changes and corrections.