Certificate of Need Rule

Several subject matters are addressed in the State Medical Facilities Plan (SMFP). Changes were made to the chapter in the 2020 SMFP addressing the End-Stage Renal Disease Dialysis Facilities need methodology. Revisions to an existing Certificate of Need rule are required to complement or be made consistent with the SMFP. The effective date of the 2020 SMFP is January 1, 2020. This rule reflects the methodology changes in the SMFP and is being adopted under temporary procedures so that correct performance standards reflective of the need methodology changes shall be used by 2020 CON applicants for end-stage renal disease dialysis services. This temporary rule adoption is required for an applicant's compliance with a CON application submission for an end-stage renal disease dialysis facilities' need determination in the 2020 SMFP.