2010 Legislative Session

These bills are the result of the 2010 Legislative Session.

Bill Number and Title Description Affected Section(s)
H1670 2010 Appointments Bill Appoints persons to various public offices upon the recommendation of the speaker of the house of representatives and the president pro tempore of the senate and to fill an unexpired term of a member of the board of directors for the North Carolina partnership for children, inc., upon the recommendation of the Majority Leader of the Senate. OEMS
S354 Continuing Care Retirement Community/Home Care Permits continuing care retirement communities to provide or arrange for home care services without providing lodging when those services are provided adjunct to a contract for continuing care and to require the Department of Insurance and the Department of Health and Human Services to study issues related to continuing care retirement communities providing home care services without providing lodging. Acute and Home Care
S897 Appropriations Act of 2010 Cost allocation for home care licensing activities of the Acute and Home Care Section that will infuse Medicaid administrative funds in place of state appropriations. Establishes a $25 testing fee for the Adult Care Medication exam. Establishes a $50 fee for Adult Care Home Administrator testing fee and a $30 administrator certificate renewal fee. Home base Adult Care and Mental Health Licensing Sections staff that currently operate out of the Lexington office and close the Lexington office. Replaces, on a non-recurring basis, state appropriations that support nursing home survey and certification activities with nursing home CMP funds. Acute and Home Care
Adult Care
Mental Health
Nursing Home
S900 Studies Act of 2010 Provide for studies by the Legislative Research Commission, statutory oversight committees and commissions, and other agencies, committees, and commissions. Nursing Home
Mental Health
S1191 Nurse Aide Training Review Directs the Division of Health Service Regulation, Department of Health and Human Services, to coordinate a review of the education and training requirements for nurse aides, as recommended by the North Carolina study commission on aging. HCPR