2007 Legislative Session

These bills are the result of the 2007 Legislative Session.

Bill Number and TitleDescriptionAffected Section(s)
S56 - Adult Care Penalty Review Committee, HCPR Expansion and Adult Care Rating System The Bill amends the penalty review committee process, expands the Health Care Personnel Registry and authorizes the Medical Care Commission to adopt rules allowing the issuance of rated certificates to adult care homes. Adult Care
Health Care Personnel Registry
H535 - EMS Criminal Background Reviews The Bill authorizes criminal background reviews for current and future EMS personnel. OEMS
H634 - Advance Directives The Bill clarifies the right to make advance directives and to designate health care agents; and improves and simplifies the means of making these directives and designations. OEMS
H720 - Name Change for DFS The Bill changes the name of the Division of Facility Services and the Commission for Health Services to better reflect the functions and duties performed by the division and the commission. All
S748 - Extend Restriction on Home Care Licenses The Bill directs DHHS to extend the restriction on the issuing of licenses for home care agencies by one year (expires January 1, 2009). Acute and Home Care
H772 - Licensure Changes The Bill authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to suspend admissions or services in hospitals as part of taking adverse action against a hospital's license; to allow for the waiver of hospital licensure rules during an emergency; to allow criminal background checks of employees of licensed mental health facilities by private entities; and to require fines to be paid prior to transfer of ownership of adult care homes. Acute and Home Care
Mental Health
Adult Care
H1294 - An act to prohibit smoking inside long-term care facilities. This Bill prohibits the use or possession of any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or other lighted smoking product inside adult care homes, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and other licensed facilities that provide long-term care services. Acute and Home Care
Adult Care
Nursing Home
Mental Health
Session Law 2007-323 H1473 State Budget Bill Section 30.4 changes the fee schedule for CON applications effective October 1, 2007.
Section 30.5 changes the fee schedule for Construction Reviews effective October 1, 2007.