Listing and Re-listing on the N.C. Nurse Aide I Registry

Purpose: This document describes the Nurse Aide I Registry listing procedures for individuals who wish to be employed as nurse aides in North Carolina. The Division of Health Service Regulation provides a registry of every Nurse Aide I in North Carolina who has met the federal and state training and competency requirements to perform "Nurse Aide I" functions. The registry was established by 42 U.S.C. 1395i-3(e) and 42 U.S.C. 1396(r)(e). N.C. General Statute § 131E Article 15 as well as rules in Title 10A of the North Carolina Administrative Code (10A NCAC 13O and 10A NCAC 13D .2304) apply.

The Nurse Aide I Registry is a listing of all nurse aides who have successfully completed a state-approved Nurse Aide I Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NAT/CEP) or a state-approved Competency Evaluation Program (CEP). The registry also includes substantiated cases of resident abuse, resident neglect and misappropriation of resident property committed by nurse aides in a nursing home. (See the separate procedure for Health Care Personnel Investigations.)

The Nurse Aide I Registry is managed by the Health Care Personnel Registry Section. The section is also responsible for the review and determination of federal and state compliance of all Nurse Aide I training and competency evaluation programs. The Health Care Personnel Registry Section provides listing verifications and on-line assistance to aides, their employers and the general public. The section notifies aides when their listings are about to expire and updates aide listings based on competency evaluation and/or employment verification.

Contacts: For questions regarding any part of this process, contact the Health Care Personnel Registry Section of the N.C. Division of Health Service Regulation at the appropriate number or web address below.

Health Care Personnel Registry Section - Investigations 919-855-3968
Center for Aide Regulation and Education 919-855-3969 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Online Registry

Procedure for Nurse Aide I Registry Listing and Re-listing:

  1. Anyone seeking to be listed on the N.C. Nurse Aide I Registry, including nurse aides from other states, must first pass a North Carolina state-approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program or state-approved competency evaluation program.
  2. The state-approved vendor for Nurse Aide I competency exams sends the names of successful test candidates to the Health Care Personnel Registry Section for listing on the Nurse Aide I Registry.
  3. The section lists these individuals on the Nurse Aide I Registry, notifies them of the listing, and provides them with the requirements and responsibilities for maintaining registry listing. The listing is valid for two years.
  4. To maintain registry listing, the individual must work as a nurse aide* under Registered Nurse (RN) supervision for pay for at least 8 hours within the two-year period. (*In some cases, nursing related medication aide work under RN supervision may also qualify.)
  5. When a listing is about to expire, the section notifies the eligible aide in writing, as long as the aide's listing is in good standing and a current address is on file. The notification includes an employment verification form.
  6. The aide has a RN supervisor document his/her nurse aide employment on the form and sends the completed form to the section.
  7. Upon receipt of valid employment information, the section extends the listing for two years from the last valid date worked. (The new expiration date is extended to the end of the month.)
  8. A nurse aide may continue to re-list by working and reporting their work as stated above. Re-testing is required, however, if the nurse aide goes for a period of two full years (from either the most recent date tested or the most recent date worked) without meeting the minimum work requirement.