Staff and Contacts


Section Chief: Steven Lewis,

Assistant Section Chief: Marjorie Acker,

Physical Address: 1800 Umstead Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603

Mailing Address: 2705 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-2705

Phone: 919-855-3893

Fax: 919-733-6592

Unit Contacts

State Licensure Plan Review and Inspection
Steven Lewis, Section Chief, 919-855-3893 or
Marjorie Acker, Assistant Section Chief, 919-855-3894 or

State Licensure Institutional Biennial Survey (adult care homes)
Chris Sluder, Biennial Institutional Leader, 919-855-3913 or

State Licensure Residential Biennial Survey (family care homes and mental health 24-hour facilities)
Anthony Brinson, Biennial Residential Team Leader, 919-855-3920 or

Federal Life Safety (Certification for Medicare/Medicaid)
Bob Strother, Life Safety Team Leader, 919-855-3916 or

Health Care Facilities Finance Program
For construction and procedure questions related to the Health Care Facilities Finance Program please contact Steven Lewis at 919-855-3893 or

Jails and Detention Unit
Chris Wood, Chief Jail Inspector, 919-855-3854 or

Periodic Review of Existing Rules for Physical Plant Rules
Carey Gurlitz, Engineering Supervisor, 919-855-3854 or


Below is a list of Construction Section personnel and their area of responsibility.

Construction Section Main Telephone Number: 919-855-3893
Name Telephone Number Email Position Initials
Acker, Marjorie L. 919-855-3894 Assistant Section Chief MLA
Beals, Larry 919-855-3898 Architect LDB
Bell, Mark 919-855-3923 Architect MAB
Brinson, Anthony 919-855-3920 Biennial Residential Team Leader ARB
Brown, Charles 919-810-5580 Engineering Jail Inspector CBB
Dixon, Paul 919-218-5417 Architectural/Engineering Technician PTD
Dulaney, Jeff 919-855-3864 Engineering Plan Reviewer JSD
Dunn, Kristi 919-855-3857 Processing Assistant KWD
Fay, Suzanna 919-218-0930 Architectural/Engineering Technician SEF
Fortman, Roger 919-218-7640 Life Safety Surveyor RWF
Gardner, David 919-218-7949 Life Safety Surveyor DLG
Harms, Jeff 919-855-3915 Engineering Supervisor AJH
Harrell, Dennis 919-218-5524 Biennial Institutional Engineering Surveyor DSH
Hickman, David 919-855-3893 Architectural/Engineering Technician DEH
Hicks, Darlene 919-855-3914 Processing Assistant DTH
Hoppin, Glenn 919-218-7676 Architectural/Engineering Technician GPH
Jones, Cynthia 919-855-3910 Processing Assistant CAJ
Jones, Rita 919-855-3927 Architect RAJ
Lewis, Steve 919-855-3907 Section Chief SCL
LyJordan, David 919-855-3928 Architect DLJ
McCoy, Roger 984-222-4866 Jail Inspector RLM
McQuage, Tony 919-855-3901 Engineering Plan Reviewer TKM
Metry, Medhat 919-855-3908 Architect MM
Miller, Ed 919-218-7668 Architect ERM
Naqui, Hashim 919-855-3934 Architect HN
Nichols, Paula 919-855-3926 Administrative Assistant PAN
Padilla, Luis 919-855-3849 Architectural/Engineering Technician LAP
Pedrigi, Fran 919-855-3912 Architectural Supervisor FAP
Renn, Tahlia 919-855-3911 Plan Technician TPR
Saulnier, Mark 919-855-3896 Architect MAS
Schlagle, Don 919-218-7704 Engineering Plan Reviewer DWS
Sluder, Chris 919-855-3913 Biennial Institutional Team Leader CNS
Staley, Marcus 919-397-7966 Life Safety Surveyor MCS
Strickland, Frank 919-855-3931 Architectural/Engineering Technician WFS
Strother, Bob 919-855-3916 Life Safety Supervisor BES
Sylvester, Tammy 919-855-3917 Engineering Supervisor TMS
Washburn, Gordon 919-218-7726 Life Safety Surveyor GGW
Williams, Greg 919-218-5445 Architectural/Engineering Technician GHW
Williams, Rex 919-855-3993 Engineering Plan Reviewer RWW
Wood, Chris 919-810-5579 Chief Jail Inspector CWW
Woollen, Della 919-218-8046 Life Safety Surveyor DRW