These are listings of our licensed facilities by the type of service they provide their clients. These listings may be updated at different times.

The comma-delimited text files are not easy-to-read files. They are for download into spreadsheets or databases. Formatting information of the comma-delimited text files is available in the respective header file.

*Note: As of April 8, 2010, the text files for Adult Care Homes and Family Care Homes have been updated to include both site and mailing addresses. The respective header files have also been updated to show the new order.

Note: 2001 Legislation has combined Developmentally Disabled Adults (DDA) Homes with Mental Health Homes

Listing Names Updated PDF TXT Header
Adult Care Home Listing 02/14/2024 PDF 177 KB XLSX 114 KB
Ambulatory Surgical Listing 01/01/2024 PDF 75 KB XLSX 43 KB
Cardiac Rehabilitation Listing 01/01/2024 PDF 57 KB XLSX 29 KB
Family Care Home Listing 02/14/2024 PDF 142 KB XLSX 116 KB
Home Care All (Home Care, Hospice, Home Health Services and Nursing Pool) 01/14/2024 PDF 1.2 MB XLSX 682 KB
Home Care Facility with Hospice Services Only (Home Care subset) 01/14/2024 PDF 43 KB XLSX 10 KB
Home Health Services All (Home Care subset) 01/14/2024 PDF 82 KB XLSX 43 KB
Home Health Services with Hospice Services Only (Home Care subset) 01/14/2024 PDF 43 KB XLSX 10 KB
Hospice Listing 01/14/2024 PDF 81 KB XLSX 45 KB
Hospital Listing 01/01/2024 PDF 94 KB XLSX 44 KB
Hospital Listing by County 01/01/2024 PDF 106 KB XLSX 44 KB
Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Data 02/01/2024 PDF 105 KB XLSX 79 KB
Mental Health Facility Listing by County 02/01/2024 PDF 850 KB XLSX 890 KB
Mental Health Private Psychiatric Hospitals 01/19/2024 PDF 38 KB XLSX 13 KB TXT 1 KB
Nursing Home Listing Alphabetical 02/21/2024 PDF 194 KB XLSX 111 KB
Nursing Home Listing By County 02/21/2024 PDF 210 KB XLSX 111 KB
Nursing Pool Data 01/14/2024 PDF 238 KB XLSX 108 KB