Welcome! This web page will introduce you to the Enterprise system which has been developed for North Carolina providers who are licensed by the Division of Health Service Regulation.

The following activities can be completed in the Enterprise system:

Getting Started

  1. Identify at Least 1 Provider Administrator for Each Facility and License Number. If Desired, You Can Have More Than 1 Provider Administrator.
  2. The Enterprise system requires each facility and license number to have a Provider Administrator. The Provider Administrator serves as the primary point of contact for DHSR.  The role of the Provider Administrator includes the following activities and responsibilities:

    • Receives communications from the Enterprise system.
    • Grants access to provider staff that will utilize the Enterprise system.
    • Removes access from provider staff who should no longer have access to the Enterprise system.

    Currently, your Provider Administrator is the primary point of contact on file with DHSR.

    If your facility does not have a Provider Administrator, then please contact the DHSR licensure section that regulates the services you provide with the following information:

    • First and last name of your Provider Administrator
    • Email address of your Provider Administrator
    • NCID account username of your Provider Administrator
    • Facility ID# (the FID# is assigned by DHSR. This is not your Tax ID#)
    • Facility license number (the license number is assigned by DHSR and is available on your license certificate)
  1. Create a NCID Account for Your Provider Administrator.
  2. To ensure information is secure and remains confidential within the Enterprise system, the Provider Administrator for each facility and license number is required to create a North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) account.  The NCID account process is managed by the North Carolina Department of Information Technology.  

    NOTE: All individuals entering information into the Enterprise system or attesting to the accuracy of the information entered must establish a NCID account.

    To establish a NCID account for your Provider Administrator, please complete the steps below. If you do not complete all the required steps, then DHSR is unable to grant the Provider Administrator access to the Enterprise system. 

    To create a NCID account:

    • Go to the North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) website.
      (We recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox web browsers)
    • In the lower right corner, select “Register!”
    • Complete the New User Registration process by answering the required questions.

    NOTE:  During the New User Registration process, the username and password that you create will be your NCID username and password for the Enterprise system.  


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