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Because your feedback is so important to us, we ask you to complete our brief, five question survey to hear what you have to say. Whether your facility was recently inspected, you are in the process of obtaining a new license, or you just called one of our offices for information, please take the time to let us know if we met or exceeded your expectations.

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Acute and Home Care Licensure and Certification Section
CLIA/Clinical Laboratories
Dialysis Centers
Home Care Agencies
Home Health/Hospice Agencies
Hospital/Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS)
ACLS Survey Process

Health Care Personnel Education and Credentialing Section
Administrator and Medication Testing

Healthcare Planning and Certificate of Need Section
Healthcare Planning Survey

Mental Health Licensure and Certification Section
Mental Health Branch Survey Process
ICF/IID Branch Survey Process
Administrative/Office Contact

Nursing Home Licensure and Certification Section
Nursing Home Licensure and Certification Survey Process

Radiation Protection Section
N.C. Radiation Protection Customer Service Survey

*Please note:  If you have a complaint about services provided at a health care facility, please call the DHSR Complaint Intake Unit toll-free at 1-800-624-3004.

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