Welcome! This web page will introduce you to the NC DHHS Automated Background Check Management System (ABCMS) which has been developed for use by DHSR licensed providers who are required to conduct criminal background checks.  Currently, the ABCMS is being offered to DHSR licensed nursing home, home health, mental health, and adult care providers.  Providers or applicants, depending upon your local rule, are required to pay the cost of the criminal background check currently charged by the NC SBI.  There is no additional cost to use the ABCMS.

The ABCMS will streamline applicant onboarding, background check processing, and the tracking and notification process.  Please review the information below before activating your ABCMS account. 

Beginning March 1, 2021, NC DHHS will no longer accept Scantron sheets.  This applies to DHSR licensed providers only. 

Getting Started

To activate your ABCMS account, email the following information to ABCMSSupport@Improving.com.

If you do not have one, then go to the following website to learn more.


The facility name, the facility ID, and the facility license number can be found on the facility license certificate or the facility license renewal application. 

If you have multiple facilities, then provide the above information for each location.

If you have questions regarding fingerprints, then contact the NC SBI at 919-582-8639 or AIUhelp@ncsbi.gov.

Training Tutorials and User Guides

User Guides

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Contact Information

NC DHHS – Criminal Background Check Unit
Phone:  919-814-6420
Email:  DHHS.CBC.DHSR@dhhs.nc.gov

ABCMS – Help Desk
Email:  ABCMSSupport@Improving.com
Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday (8am-6pm)

NC SBI – Access Agreement
NC SBI Website
Phone: 919-582-8639
Email:  AIUhelp@ncsbi.gov

Governing Statutes