Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance FAQs

The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services compliance unit is responsible for the credentialing of EMS professionals across North Carolina. Individuals seeking credentialing through legal recognition or testing will be handled through compliance unit. The compliance unit also handles all criminal record checks, disciplinary actions and aids field staff in the investigation process.

General Inquiries

1. I am an EMT and we are being overworked and not getting paid. Can I file a complaint with OEMS?

No, complaints regarding employee/employer wage and hour issues should be directed to the North Carolina Department of Labor – Wage and Hour Bureau. You can contact them at:

1101 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1101
1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800-625-2267)
Web site:

2. I have been out on workman's comp. My doctor hasn't released me to go back to work; however, my agency is requiring me to go back on a truck. Will OEMS make me go back to work if I am not ready? Will OEMS take action against my credential if I have on the truck and can't perform my job duties?

If an individual hasn't been released to go back to work, but their agency is requiring them to go back to work, that is an issue between the EMS professional and the agency they work for. OEMS has no regulatory authority over this type of situation.

If the individual gets on the truck and refuses to perform their duties, the OEMS will hold that EMS professional responsible for the credential level they are approved for in that system.

3. What is the "North Carolina EMS Disciplinary Committee?"

The Emergency Medical Services Disciplinary Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Department regarding all disciplinary matters relating to credentialing of emergency medical services personnel. The Committee reviews criminal background information and makes recommendations regarding the eligibility of an individual to obtain initial EMS credentials, renew EMS credentials, or maintain EMS credentials.

The Emergency Medical Services Disciplinary Committee consists of seven members appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to serve four-year terms. Two of the members are currently practicing local EMS physician medical directors. The remaining members are: a current physician member of the North Carolina Medical Board, a current EMS administrator, a current EMS educator, and two currently practicing and credentialed EMS personnel.

4. Why am I not notified of announcements, job postings, and/or classes put on by NCOEMS?

Important announcements are usually posted on the NCEMS website. Job postings are also listed on the NCEMS website. Agencies may submit job postings and institutions may post upcoming classes as well. OEMS staff have also been working closely to post N.C. OEMS classes on TERMS (Training and Exercise Registration Management System) through N.C. Emergency Management. Frequently checking these websites will keep you informed.

5. I got married, divorced, or have completed a legal name change and would like my credential to reflect this change.

Please send a written request stating purpose of change, give former name and how current name is to be printed on credential. Include your provider identification number, confirm your address on your Continuum profile and send documentation showing the change (Ex: copy of driver's license, marriage license or legal documentation showing change). This request can be submitted to Gloria Currie at, faxed to 919-733-7021 or mailed to:

Attn: Gloria Currie
2707 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2707

6. Am I required to have a N.C. driver's license to be credentialed or to maintain my credential?

There are no requirements in North Carolina Administrative Code that you must have a driver's license to hold an EMS credential.

7. Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to be credentialed?

No. There are no requirements in North Carolina Administrative Code that you must be a U.S. citizen to hold an EMS credential. When you create a Continuum profile, the number that is associated with your work visa shall be entered into the same field as the Social Security number.

8. I lost my certification card or never received one. How do I get a new one?

Log in to your Continuum profile and print an additional copy.

9. I recently passed the state exam. When is my certification valid?

When your Continuum profile page shows your certification status as "Active."

10. How can I get my password reset for Continuum?

Should you require assistance changing your Continuum password, you may call the main line of the Office of EMS at 919-855-3935 and a member of our staff will help you complete a password change.

11. What is involved in the Chemical Dependency Program for Credentialed Personnel?

The program is a highly structured, voluntary, non-disciplinary program requiring total abstinence. The program is designed to enlist the voluntary participation of credentialed EMS personnel whose capacity to practice EMS care with a reasonable skill and safety has been or may be compromised by chemical dependency.

The treatment program provides structure, support, monitoring and guidance for impaired credentialed personnel sanctioned for use of drugs and/or alcohol such that the use of these substances interferes with their ability to practice safely by offering a program for recovery through a therapeutic and non-punitive process. Participation in this program is not published unless disclosure is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public or as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

For more specific information about the program, an individual may contact Amy Douglas at 919-855-3953

12. How long is my certification valid?

Dependent upon the method in which a person received a N.C. credential will determine the length of time that it is valid. If a credential is obtained through the legal recognition process, the N.C. credential will be valid for the length of time remaining on the state or national registry card in which the applicant applied, not to exceed four years. If the individual has taken the N.C. state exam, the credential is valid for four (4) years, and if an individual has held a N.C. credential that has expired within four years, they will receive an expiration date that will be retroactive to the date of expiration, not to exceed four (4) years.

13. How do I order DNR/MOST forms?

DNR/MOST forms are only provided to healthcare providers. Individuals desiring a form should contact their healthcare provider. Healthcare providers may purchase DNR/MOST forms by completing an order form and submitting the completed order form and payment (via check or money order) to:

North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services
Attention:  Paige Stevens
2707 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2707

Order forms are available on the agency's website.

Legal Recognition

14. I'm moving to N.C. What do I need to do to get my license/credential there in N.C.?

Before an applicant is issued a North Carolina credential, they will have to meet one of the following eligibility

  1. they must currently reside in North Carolina;
  2. be currently enrolled in an EMS educational program in North Carolina; or
  3. work for an approved North Carolina EMS provider.

There is no reason that an individual cannot apply for legal recognition in N.C. through our Continuum. Please be reminded that the credential will not be issued until one of the aforementioned requirements has been met.

15. I have a N.C. credential but am moving out of state. What do I need to do to get my credential in that state?

Individuals should contact the state EMS agency where they are relocating and follow their specific application process.

16. How do I become credentialed in N.C. through the legal recognition process?

Anyone interested in becoming credentialed in N.C. through the legal recognition process, should visit our website. If after reviewing this page, an applicant has questions or need additional information, they may use the contact information listed for assistance.

17. I am certified in South Carolina and/or West Virginia and have a Continuum profile, but am moving to N.C.  How do I get a Continuum profile for N.C.?

If you are applying from South Carolina or West Virginia and already have a Continuum profile, please perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your S.C. or W.V. Continuum profile as you normally do.
  2. Once your profile is up, select "My Personnel View."
  3. "State Profiles" is the first section when you open the profile.
  4. On the right side of the screen, it will state "Create State Profile ID for NC, SC, or WV."
  5. Click on "NC."
  6. Your new ID will be listed as a state user ID.

18. I am moving to another state and have a verification form that needs to be completed, where do I send this form?

Out-of-state verification forms may be sent to:
Compliance Administrative Assistant
2707 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-2707
Phone: 919-855-3935
Fax: 919-733-7021

Background Investigations

19. In regard to my criminal background review, can I take the fingerprint card and get fingerprinted in another state, or can I get fingerprinted at any other facility other than the sheriff's office?

All criminal background reviews run by our office are completed through the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).  The SBI requires that you use the FD-258 Applicant Card which most law enforcement agencies have available. All fingerprints must be rolled by trained officials (mostly law enforcement officials) due to the ridge impression requirements in order to run an accurate background check.  Live Scan fingerprinting produces the most efficient and best quality fingerprint impressions. Please ask your local law enforcement agency if they offer Live Scan fingerprinting services to non-criminal applicants.

20. I wanted to take an EMS course, but have a criminal history. Will that prevent me from being credentialed?

The only automatic disqualifier for holding a North Carolina EMS credential is being registered on a (state or national) sexual offender registry. Every other criminal arrest, charge or conviction is taken into consideration on a case by case basis and takes into account several factors including, but not limited to:

  1. The level and seriousness of the crime(s);
  2. The date of the crime;
  3. The age of the person at the time of the conviction;
  4. The circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime, if known;
  5. The nexus between the criminal conduct of the person and the duties of the person;
  6. The prison, jail, probation, parole, rehabilitation, and employment records of the person since the date the crime was committed; and
  7. The subsequent commission by the person of a crime listed in N.C. G.S. 143B-943(2).

In reviewing any criminal history, the OEMS:

  1. Allows the applicant every opportunity for due process and to advocate for their ability to hold a Credential while still maintaining compliance with EMS law and rule;
  2. Cannot provide a definite answer on whether or not a criminal history will prevent an individual from obtaining their EMS credential until such time that the individual completes their course, passes their state exam and completes the criminal history review process;
  3. May request that the applicant attend an informal interview with the North Carolina EMS Disciplinary Committee; and
  4. Does not discourage any individual from completing an EMS course based on criminal history. It may also be helpful to check with the educational institution with which you plan to enroll to ensure that your specific criminal history does not interfere with your ability to complete clinicals.

21. I was dropped down to an EMT-I because of a NCOEMS disciplinary action but I have met all of the requirements. How do I get my EMT-P back?

Individuals who have incurred an NCOEMS enforcement action against their EMS credential may apply for reinstatement.  Individuals should contact the OEMS Credentialing and Compliance Manager at 919-855-3942.

22. What address do I mail my fingerprint card to, there are two addresses and I am not sure which one to use (1201 Umstead Dr. or 2707 Mail Service Center)?

Your fingerprint card should be sent to our mailing address as follows:
Compliance Section
2707 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2707

23. Can I submit a check or money order to pay the $38 processing fee?

Yes, the $38.00 check or money order to process your background review should be made payable to the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR).

24. Can I use a credit card to pay the $38 processing fee?

At this time, you may use a credit card to pay your $38.00 processing fee only if you are completing the background review as part of your online legal recognition application. If you are applying for a credential after passing a state exam, you must pay the processing fee with a check or money order made payable to DHSR.

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