State-Approved Nurse Aide I Curriculum

The state curriculum was developed for use by state-approved programs for preparing an individual to successfully complete the North Carolina competency evaluation program. The purpose of this nurse aide curriculum is to assist instructors in the education of safe, competent, and compassionate nurse aides.

July 2013

Preface and Table of Contents (PDF, 840 KB)

The modules, power point presentations and the handouts are available to download as individual documents. They are also available to download in zip files.

Section One: Foundations of Care

Module A
The Nurse Aide I
(PDF, 642 KB)
Module B
Infection Prevention
(PDF, 773 KB)
Module C
The Resident's Environment: Safety and Emergency
(PDF, 554 KB)
Module D
(PDF, 562 KB)
Module E
Law and Ethics
(PDF, 604 KB)
Module F
(PDF, 522 KB)
Module G
Basic Restorative Care
(PDF, 561 KB)
Module H
Body Systems
(PDF, 798 KB)
Module I
Body Mechanics
(PDF, 644 KB)
Module J
Nutrition and Fluids
(PDF, 984 KB)
Module K
Restraint Elimination, Reduction, Appropriate Use
(PDF, 582 KB)
Module L
Communicating with the Health Care Team
(PDF, 578 KB)
Module M
The Nursing Process and Nursing Care Plan
(PDF, 519 KB)
Module N
Incident Report
(PDF, 525 KB)
Module O
Critical Thinking
(PDF, 514 KB)
Module P
Family and Family Support
(PDF, 523 KB)
Module Q
Person-centered Care
(PDF, 609 KB)
Module R
Cognitive Changes Due to Aging
(PDF, 615 KB)
Module S
Psychological Effects of Aging
(PDF, 644 KB)
Module T
Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
(PDF, 629 KB)
Module U
Mental Health and Mental Illness
(PDF, 558 KB)
Module V
(PDF, 572 KB)
Module W
End of Life Care
(PDF, 595 KB)

Section Two Threads of Care Module X (PDF, 1.86 MB)

Zip files containing all of the documents for section one and section two

Appendix A and Resources (PDF, 609 KB)