Designated Trauma Centers

A designated trauma center is a local hospital voluntarily meeting the state's guidelines for care of the injured patient. Currently North Carolina has 17 designated trauma centers across the state. Each of the state's centers has the responsibility of providing care, as well as developing and supporting a regional trauma system. Here you can find information related to trauma center designation.

North Carolina Trauma Centers

Map of Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Affiliations

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Trauma Centers are reviewed, with a site visit, for renewal state designation three years after the initial state designation. Thereafter, a state renewal designation site visit occurs every four years. Should the trauma center wish to obtain or maintain American College of Surgeons (ACS) verification/reverification, they may seek a state renewal designation in conjunction with an ACS site visit every three years to meet the ACS review requirement.

Level I Designation Trauma Centers

Level II Designation Trauma Centers

Level III Designation Trauma Centers

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