Rural Trauma in N.C.

North Carolina consists of 100 counties, 85 are considered rural. There are 122 acute care hospitals across the state. The N.C. Trauma Registry (NCTR) collects data from 14 hospitals in the state; of these, 13 are designated Level I, Level II, or Level III Trauma Centers. A designated trauma center is a local facility voluntarily meeting the state's guidelines for care of the injured patient. State designated trauma centers are required to submit data to the NCTR which is maintained by the Office of Emergency Medical Services. Additional information on becoming a trauma center is available.

Rural/Urban Counties in North Carolina

Counties with a population density of no more than 250 people per square mile at the time of the 2000 U.S. Census are defined as rural. The definition of rural has been incorporated in legislation adopted by the N.C. General Assembly.

Rural/Urban Counties in N.C.

The mission of the Rural Trauma Program in N.C. is to help all hospitals in North Carolina be part of a statewide trauma system. The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services and Rural Health and Community Care together will assist rural communities with the coordination, communication, and enhancement of contributing trauma information.

The Rural Trauma Program will help rural communities with:

Electronic EMS Patient Care Reports

Hospitals are able to obtain electronic generated EMS patient care reports (PCR) using the EMS Performance Improvement Center's (EMS PIC) Web-based Credentialing Information System (CIS). This secure Web-based system provides a search, print, and save function so these PCRs can be included in the medical record or used for other medical needs.

These reports will not be the actual EMS record, but a computer generated patient care report of the information the EMS agency is required to send daily to the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) in the PreMIS database system. Each hospital will only be able to obtain the records of patients taken to that specific hospital. Access to PCRs of patients taken to other hospitals is not allowed.

To get the PCRs, each hospital will designate staff who will have access to the CIS system and reports. Those staff members will need to request a "P-Number" in the CIS system. The hospital will contact the OEMS with the names and job titles of the staff to be granted access to the system. The EMS PIC will configure the hospital's settings in CIS and send notification when access to the system is active.

Electronic EMS PCR Access (PDF, 18 KB)

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